Turkey has been faced serious problems and abuses in the justice system, economy, social and political life. These violations and problems indicate that Turkey's increasingly authoritarian and that its place in the index has declined compared with the world. When the negativities arising from the pandemic are included in the current situation, we have encountered a more serious picture. In order to prevent this deterioration, first of all, problems should be identified and analyzed.

We have been carrying out “Monitoring the Rule of Law and Democracy in Turkey Project” to monitor the violations and latest developments on civil, economic freedoms and the rule of law in Turkey, with the support of the Freedom House. The main purpose of the titled “Monitoring the Rule of Law and Democracy in Turkey” is to inform the policy circles about the accuracy and efficiency of government policies and regulations in Turkey in the context of contents of civil liberties, economic liberties and the rule of law. in addition to the political, legal and economic effects of the government's policies, it also examines the situation of the notion of the rule of law from a liberal perspective through current events.

“Monitoring the Rule of Law and Democracy in Turkey Project” deals with the innovations and existing developments in government policy in the context of the rule of law and refers to several observations of individual rights of citizens of the Turkey. In this context, we publish bi-weekly bulletins under the name "Özgürlük Gündemi" in Turkish and "Freedom Observer" in English.


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