Internship Conditions


ÖAD accepts internship applications throughout the year. Internship periods are 4 weeks in total and new trainee groups participate in the program at the beginning of each month. Applications must be sent at least one month before the internship period. For example, in order to do an internship in September, applicants must submit their applications at the beginning of August at the latest.    ÖAD Internship Coordinator is Nisa Bahçeli. Candidates can send an e-mail to [email protected] for questions and suggestions regarding the internship at ÖAD. 1. PURPOSE • The ÖAD Internship and Training Program aims to enable the participants to grow themselves in the fields of activity of the OAD and to improve their existing skills and characteristics. • Participants also contribute to the activities of the CAA through their work. • The main objective is to enable the participants to be good researchers in these areas, to develop their analytical thinking skills and experiences, to gain access to resources and to increase their literacy capacity.