2020 was an extremely busy year for the FRA. Due to the pandemic, we moved all our work to online platforms. With the live broadcasts we prepared on YouTube, we reached more than 500,000 views. With the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, we started “The Structural Reforms in Turkey Project” to identify and concretize problems in the Legislation, Judiciary, Public Procurement Regime, Public Personnel Regime and Media Independence, which are the main political structures in Turkey. In this context, we have prepared reports that can be a road map to structural reforms in these areas. We started to prepare bulletins on the rule of law, civil and economic liberties by monitoring the effects of the government responses in the pandemic with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation Turkey Office and Freedom House. We published “The Freedom of Press in Turkey: 2019-2020 Report” which analyses dependency created through public advertisements in the media and pressure on opposition media. 

Önceki İçerikFreedom Observer No. 24
Sonraki İçerikFreedom Observer No. 25