A Review on the Mass Surveillance Technologies Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Terms...

While the use of inspection and surveillance technologies is administratively practical for increasing public compliance with the measures and minimizing implementation costs, there is...

2021 ALMANAC The Rule of Law, Democracy, Civil and Economic Freedoms in Turkey

This study consists of all the simplified versions of the bulletins called Freedom Observer prepared within the scope of the “Monitoring the Rule of...

Economic Freedom in Turkey (Executive Summary)

In this report, Turkey has been evaluated in all categories, components and sub-components of EFW. There are three reasons to prepare this report even...

The State of Participatory Democracy in Turkey: Right to Freedom of Assembly and Association

Freedom of association and assembly is a freedom that embraces every aspect of life from political, social, religious to ethnic, class, culture, and so...

Freedom of the Press in Turkey Report 2019-2020

“Whether the press in Turkey is free or not is no longer a subject of heated debates. There is a conspicuous truth which has gone beyond discussion.”

Policy Suggestions to Improve Freedom of Media and Expression in Turkey

“COMET: Creating Opportunities for Meaningful Expressions in Turkey” was undertaken by the Freedom Research Association (FRA) with facilitation of International Republican Institute (IRI) to develop policy recommendations for freedom of expression and the press in Turkey.

A Lıberal Response to the Populist Challenge

Populism is a serious threat to liberal democracy; it is the currently most active vehicle of authoritarianism and of the demand to weaken or eliminate constitutional democratic institutions.

Transparency of the Regulatory Authorities in Turkey

It is clear that such practices by the Competition Board cause harm to consistency because the preliminary investigation does not span a sufficient enough amount of time to make a decision on a case, and undertakings do not have an opportunity to defend themselves

Rule Of Law in Turkey

The fear and the anxiety generated by “Gezi events” among AKP leadership turned anyone and everyone who opposes their government or who criticizes their actions into legitimate targets for discrimination. Accordingly, the selective application of the laws (that is to say, application only to selected individuals or groups) is becoming a routine practice

Electoral Systems in Turkey and Their Impact on Elections

While 10% national threshold at electoral system especially operates in favor of big parties, with this threshold fairness at representation principle expressed at 1982 Constitution and electoral law as well as political freedom principle has been harmed