The Online Rule Of Law Academy Project

Increasing the quality of legal practitioners, especially future generations, will appear as the most important investment in the long run for improving the quality of the judiciary. Therefore, the Freedom Research Association aims to increase the capacity of young lawyers and senior students of law faculties by organizing The Online Rule of Law Academy with the support of Canadian Embassy.

The Live Broadcast Series: Portrait

In each live broadcast, information about our organizational vision, mission, particular projects or publications is provided in the form of a discussion and analysis. 

The Live Broadcast Series: Quarantine

we introduced the new live broadcast series “Quarantine” in April 2020, not only to actively perform as an organization, but also to discuss the recently implemented COVID-19 policies in Turkey from the perspective of individual rights and liberties. With these live broadcasts, we aim to increase public awareness on the issue of COVID-19, the consequent policies and how they affect our liberties. 

The Project Of Structural Reforms In Turkey

by working with the experts and academicians in the related fields, five reports and white papers were published, which contained the identification of problems and reform suggestions. Moreover, FRA created a video series within the framework of interviews with the experts and academicians in the fields and shared them on the social media accounts.

The Report On The Media-building For Democracy: Strating From Scratch, A Tabula...

The report, which is titled “Report on the Media-Building for Democracy: Starting from Scratch, A Tabula Rasa” prepared by Derya Sazak, a journalist evaluated the main problems, emerging risks, and possible solutions as on the current media in Turkey.

The Report On The Need For Reform In The Public Personnel Regime – Executive...

alongside discussing existing issues in the relevant institutions, it has been focused on the steps that immediately need to be taken and proposed advisory solutions for structural reforms.

The Report On Judicial Reform Recommendations To Ensure The Rule Of Law – Executive...

it has been focused on the steps that immediately need to be taken and proposed advisory solutions for structural reforms. The report, which is titled “Judicial Reform Recommendations to Ensure the Rule of Law” prepared by Assoc. Prof. Ali Rıza Çoban evaluated the main problems and emerging risks within the framework of constitutional basis, checks and balances mechanisms, and legal principles.

The Report On The Separation Of Powers, Checks And Balances, And Legislative And Executive...

The report, named “Separation of Powers, Checks, and Balances, and Legislative and Executive Relations” and prepared by Prof. Ömer Faruk Gençkaya, addressed the relations between the legislative and executive relations and current checks and balances mechanism in Turkey in the context of the separation of powers principle. 

Competition And Transparency Report In Public Procurements – Executive Summary –

The report titled “Competition and Transparency in Public Procurement” prepared by Prof. Uğur Emek identifies the existing risks and problems related to the Public Procurement Regime and proposes solutions.

Creatıng Opportunıtıes For Meanıngful Expressıon In Turkey (project Comet)

In Turkey’s highly polarized political environment, FRA and IRI propose an approach bringing together media stakeholders to discuss issues related to media freedom and to develop policy solutions to the issues they identify.