Monitoring The Rule of Law and Democracy in Turkey

In Turkey, we see a series of major problems and violations in justice system, economy, and social processes. These violations and problems are the...

Economic Freedom Audit in Turkey 2021

In the past decade, unfortunately, Turkey has stagnated on economic growth and prosperity. The reason behind this unfortunate stagnation can be found in the...

Strengthening The Freedom of Association and Assembly to Enhance Participatory Democracy in Turkey (Blog)

The lack of rule of law, the decline of democracy and the recession in the economy affect all freedoms and rights. The freedom of...

WHO Consultation Response for Alcohol Regulations

Alcohol regulations have always been a delicate area of policymaking. There must be a balance between the undesirable consequences of excessive drinking, and exercising...

The Freedom Of Press In Turkey: 2019-2020 Report

Freedom Research Association (FRA) has been monitoring the state of the freedom of the press since 2014. Our latest report is titled ‘The Freedom of Press in Turkey: 2019-2020 Report’ has been prepared by Assoc. Prof. Burak Bilgehan Özpek with the support of the International Democratic Initiative (IDI) and Friedrich Naumann Foundation Turkey Office (FNF Turkey).

Monitoring the Rule of Law And Democracy in Turkey

We have been carrying out “Monitoring the Rule of Law and Democracy in Turkey Project” to monitor the violations and latest developments on civil, economic freedoms and the rule of law in Turkey, with the support of the Freedom House

Challenge of Freedoms with Covid-19 Bulletin

The bulletins include summarizing and evaluating the political, legal and economic effects of government policies from a liberal democratic perspective.

The Live Broadcast Series: Online Freedom Talks

Online Freedom Gatherings are presented and moderated by Nurettin Kalkan as live broadcasts that host a different guest expert to discuss various topics regarding the new COVID-19 policies and current hot topics in Turkey such as the rule of law, economic freedom, freedom of assembly and association and freedom of speech.

The Online Rule of Law Academy Project

Increasing the quality of legal practitioners, especially future generations, will appear as the most important investment in the long run for improving the quality of the judiciary. Therefore, the Freedom Research Association aims to increase the capacity of young lawyers and senior students of law faculties by organizing The Online Rule of Law Academy with the support of Canadian Embassy.

The Live Broadcast Series: Portrait

In each live broadcast, information about our organizational vision, mission, particular projects or publications is provided in the form of a discussion and analysis.