Freedom of association and assembly is a freedom that embraces every aspect of life from political, social, religious to ethnic, class, culture, and so on. A freedom that embraces different aspects is naturally is highly related to other freedoms. Apart from it being fundamental rights and freedoms, the relation of freedom of association with other fundamental rights and freedoms makes it particularly important. In absence of freedom of assembly, freedom of association will not make sense just like how freedom of expression will suffer significantly without these two freedoms. 

We, as the Freedom Research Association, have prepared this report in the scope of our project ‘Freedom of Assembly and Association and the State of Participatory Democracy in Turkey’ to draw attention to the issues mentioned above, to develop solution proposals, to raise public awareness and knowledge in regards to relevant constitutional rights and advocate in the international community with the report we will be preparing. In the studies and projects, we conduct to achieve our vision of a free and prosperous Turkey, emphasizing that these rights and freedoms are the uncompromisable components of democracy and rule of law, and Ihope 

Önceki İçerikFreedom Observer No. 28
Sonraki İçerikEconomic Freedom in Turkey (Executive Summary)