In this report, Turkey has been evaluated in all categories, components and sub-components of EFW. There are three reasons to prepare this report even though the index was already published. The first reason is related to the inherent of the EFW. All the data on the index have been compiled from third-party data sources in order to ensure transparency and consistency and for subjective judgments of the authors to not affect the results of the report. As data is not collected continuously and instantaneously, as a part of comprehensive research, some of them are quite old. As a matter of fact, with a report published in 2021, economic freedoms in the world are examined with the data of 2019. In a country like Turkey, where intense changes are experienced in a short period of time, it is necessary to evaluate the changes in some categories which cannot be included in the index with a unique approach. Secondly, there is a need to further examine the factors leading to these scores, instead of evaluation of only index scores in all the categories. Lastly, it was found important that a more in-depth reading and analysis should be made in charette chaired by the authors of the report and with the participation of the experts in their field. Indeed, each topic of the report has been corroborated by the contributions of valuable experts who participated in the charette.

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