As the Freedom Research Association, we have been working in pursuit of a more free and prosperous Turkey through conducting public policy research and initiating projects from the perspective of classical liberalism since 2014. It is important for us to let the public know about the work we do and explain it clearly and in detail for people’s understanding. For this reason, we took advantage of the situation that the COVID-19 pandemic put us into and started the online live broadcasting series “Portrait” to promote our organization and its various projects at the access of the general public in October 2020. In each live broadcast, information about our organizational vision, mission, particular projects or publications is provided in the form of a discussion and analysis. 


The broadcasts are conducted by our secretary general İsrafil Özkan and project coordinator Bengü Öztan. In each episode, Mr. Özkan and Ms. Öztan act as moderators for the discussions and occasionally host people related to the promoted project or publications to further discuss them. After 40-45 minutes of presentations, questions received from viewers are answered by the moderators and the guest, which lasts approximately for 10 minutes. Every live broadcast is aired every two weeks on our social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter; and they are recorded simultaneously to be uploaded to YouTube account for later viewing. Portrait, whose total number of views exceeded 10 thousand, continues to broadcasted as of 2021 and to talk about freedom.

Önceki İçerikThe Live Broadcast Series: Quarantine
Sonraki İçerikThe Online Rule of Law Academy Project