As the Freedom Research Association, we continuously arrange events to maintain our organizational performance. Although we had to halt our face-to-face events due to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, we adjusted to the new normal by moving our events to online platforms in order to keep up with our organizational agenda. Also, with the beginning of the pandemic, we were allowed to address a new wave of public policies. As a result of this, we introduced the new live broadcast series “Quarantine” in April 2020, not only to actively perform as an organization, but also to discuss the recently implemented COVID-19 policies in Turkey from the perspective of individual rights and liberties. With these live broadcasts, we aim to increase public awareness on the issue of COVID-19, the consequent policies and how they affect our liberties. 


Each episode includes the moderator Ömer Faruk Şen and a different guest who is an expert on the topic related to a COVID-19 policy that is tackled. The programme consists only of Q&A sessions that approximately take 40 minutes. The live broadcast is aired on our social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and each are recorded simultaneously to be uploaded later on for viewers to watch it after it ends. Quarantine series have been completed as of December 2020 and received over 37.000 views.

Önceki İçerikThe Project Of Structural Reforms In Turkey
Sonraki İçerikThe Live Broadcast Series: Portrait