After the government announced the New Economic Program, FRA’s Economic Freedom Center organized two PolicyTalks in Istanbul and Ankara. PolicyTalks is one of our major initiatives, where we bring together a diverse stakeholder profile to discuss a given policy issue. We organized two PolicyTalks on November 3rd and 24th to discuss the measures to be taken vis-a-vis the severe economic crisis Turkey is facing today and the trade-offs/merits and shortcomings of the NEP. In this report, you will find a comprehensive summary of the issues discussed in the meetings and a detailed analysis of the NEP. The report contains a summary of the views shared in the meetings and does not exclusively reflect the views of the organizing institutions. It is our sincere hope that this study (and those alike) would contribute to a more sensible public debate and policy-making process.

Önceki İçerikDo We Need Secularism To Experience Freedom Of Conscience? Yes, We Do: A Liberal Approach
Sonraki İçerikAnnual Report 2018