One of our most important aims is to promote evidence-based policy making in Turkey and contribute to an informed public policy debate on analytical and rational grounds. In this context, one of the most heated topics is the “Institutional Reform” in Turkey. It is crucial for us to have the institutions that work in accordance with universal democratic standards to become a free and prosperous country.


Based on this preamble, we are carrying out projects to contribute to the institutional reform debate in Turkey. We analyze our institutions in depth, conduct SWOT analyses, organize workshops, draw out roadmaps for the transformation of specific institutions, and identify and demonstrate inter- national best practices.


Our one-year long Project on “Regulatory Institutions and Rule of Law in Turkey” was supported by Atlas Network, Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the MATRA program of the Dutch Embassy and finalized.


Within the scope of this project, we examined the performance, structure, functioning, independence and transparency of the major regulatory institutions; Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Information and Communication Authority and Competition Authority. At the end of our one-year research, we prepared a comprehensive policy report based on empirical data and benchmarking. We have shared the report with deputies, bureaucrats, academicians, non-governmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders.


Considering the limited amount of research in this area, we think that this report will make a serious contribution to the literature.


You can reach our report here:

Önceki İçerikProject on Structural Reforms in Turkey Competition and Transparency Report in Public Procurements Executive Summary
Sonraki İçerikOnlıne Rule of Law Academy