At the end of this challenging year, our free and prosperous Turkey vision and our efforts to achieve it has emphasized again. In 2019, we fought against populist political discourses, market interventions and human rights violations and carried out advocacy activities. We organized different types of events, and published reports and books, and create online contents to promote a fair competition, a pluralistic democracy, freedom of expression in every part of our lives. We have launched the Structural Reforms in Turkey Project, and Creating Opportunities for Meaningful Expression in Turkey Project (Project COMET). In 2020, we will produce data to address the reform areas that will be the long-term solution to the economic and political crises of our country has been going through. Also we will continue to work to create a strong public demand for the elimination of the current human rights violations.

Önceki İçerikPolicy Suggestions to Improve Freedom of Media and Expression in Turkey
Sonraki İçerikTom G. Palmer – Neden Özgürlük?