1- General Information

FRA’s internship programme is designed to provide experience that is relevant to future careers in national and international civil society institutions. It offers mentoring opportunities and informal training to students coming to the end of their university education or those at an early stage of their working lives.

Internship programmes last up to 2 months (mandatory 6 weeks with a possibility of 2 weeks extension) and are available mainly within the FRA’s research projects but also in some non-research departments such as Communications, Publishing, Broadcasting and External Relations. Although internships are unpaid, they are designed to support and foster career development and are offered on a flexible basis so that, for example, students can fit their internship around studies, part-time work, and other commitments.

2- Internship Benefits

Interns can expect to gain direct exposure to the work and management of FRA as a leading think-tank including opportunities to:

  • Attend research seminars, workshops and discussion groups hosted by our thematic research Centers. 
  • Attend conferences on a range of emerging issues critical to business and policy interests. 
  • Access the library and information service, including complimentary research inquiry service and the free loan of up to 10 books at any one time. 
  • Produce meeting summaries, blog posts and other social media contents to develop writing and editing skills. 
  • Free registration to Atlas Network Leadership Academy ( Leadership, Think Tank Fundamentals, Marketing, Communications, Fundraising Courses and webinars)
  • Free registration to FRA Communication Training which takes several days to complete
  • Free Turkish and English books on the rule of law, democracy and liberalism

3- Additional benefits include:

  • Appointed mentor from the host department/programme throughout the internship. Scheduled review meetings (at least two during the internship) to discuss progress and career/personal development; and on completion of the internship a written review of their progression will be given to each intern. 
  • Certificate signed by the Executive Director of Freedom Research Association on successful completion of Internship. 

4- Application Procedure:

Internship opportunities are available throughout the year at FRA and are advertised on our website on a regular basis. Regular internship period is 6 weeks, beginning from the first week of the respective month. Internships can be extended to another 2 weeks upon request and consideration of the respective department on the basis of FRA’s needs and availability.

Send your applications to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Internship Application

Applications should be emailed to the contact person/department advertising the position and send:

  • A full curriculum vitae. 
  • A cover letter including a brief description of why you want to do an internship at FRA. 

Upon acceptance,

• Copy of ID

• Criminal Record

Every month 3 applicants will be interviewed prior to the successful individuals being offered the internship. Please note that we do accept specific applications, if you have a certain FRA project on your mind to work with please clarify this in your application.

If you are applying from abroad, applicants should know that FRA has been working hybrid (three days from the office and two days remote) since 2022. All interns must work from the office for at least two days. So it would be best to have visa arrangements or other documentation before your internship program.

5- Mandatory Requirements and Program Activities

  • English proficiency (speaking, writing and reading)
  • Interns must have a laptop/tablet and a smartphone since FRA cannot supply these devices for them
  • Interns should spend two and a half days per week in the internship program.
  • A mandatory reading list will be provided (with optional readings)
  • Interns must attend our internal communication training.
  • Interns must complete online courses and webinars of Atlas Network (FRA will provide an official email address to register)
  • Interns have a week of absence limit (one week will be added to extend the program)
  • Interns who don’t show up for more than a week without notification will be dismissed from the program.
  • Interns must prepare a final presentation to complete their internship program.